The Call for Love
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
The Call for Love by Vic Zarley__Capo 2nd fret

C__ F__ C__ G__ C
C____________ F____________C
The call for love comes often
______________________ F
And the calls you’ll hear these days
C__________ F____ C
Come when some around you
______________G__ C
Feel pain in any way
That pain may be projected
‘Til they think it comes from you
__________ C________F______ C
When the call for love is given
__________C______ G____ C
Please remember what to do

__________________________________________ F________C
Chorus: Let the call for love be answered
____________________________________ F________ G
This Jesus Christ will do
______________________________C____ F____ C
With gentleness awakening
The soul reflecting you

The call for love is often
While the souls around us sleep
Give the part of you that’s joyous
To those around who weep
Give the part of you that’s peace within
To those who feel upset
Give the good to everyone
You have or haven’t met (chorus)
The call for love’s a call for peace
When anger seems so true
The call for love’s a call for joy
When sadness creeps on through
The call for love can’t be denied
When anyone’s in need
The call for love is answered best
By God in your good deed (chorus twice)