The End of Judgment
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
The End of Judgment by Vic Zarley__Capo 2nd fret

Let’s make that final choice now
____ A__________G__________D
To think just what’s the best
Let’s line the thoughts we’re thinking
__________A______ G________D
Up with God’s--forget the rest

________ E
Let’s choose to live and breathe those thoughts
______ A________________ D
That tell us of God’s peace
Let’s not give any power
__________A____ G______D
To the others, just release
__________A____ G______D
To the others, just release

__________________ C________________________ G______ C
Chorus: The end of judgment now is here
__________________________________________F________ C
It is a time of love, not fear
It’s time to wipe away those tears
________________________________________________G____ C
And see the world as crystal clear

________________________________________________ G________C
We’ll see the world as Heaven’s path
Where God no longer lays His wrath
____________________________________________ F__________C
When we forgive, forgiveness comes
______________________________________________ G______C
Then, at last, God’s will is done

Let’s share our final choice now
With others on the road
Let’s realize that to be free
We all must share the load

A burden on a brother’s back
Or someone who’s alone
Let’s help them all attain the truth
Through Christ the way is shown
Through Christ the way is shown (chorus)