The Happy Song
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
The Happy Song
Vic & Eva Zarley

Jesus Christ is a friend to me
He’s the One who set me free
He’s the Savior of my soul
He’s the One who made me whole
Now I’m joyful as can be
I’m in Him and He’s in me
Walking with the Trinity of God

I’m not gonna care if the lost world hates me
I’m okay if my friends forsake me

‘Cause I’ve got my Lord who’ll never let me go
I walk in forgiveness with my enemies
Tossing all offenses into the seas
‘Cause from my heart I love my Jesus so

Sorrow ain’t gonna get me down
As long as Jesus Christ’s around
He will make the darkness flee
Give me light so I can see
No more fear as I walk this earth
Since I’ve had my second birth
His blood has the power that strengthens me

I am spared from what I deserve
So my Savior, I will serve
He will do the same for you
If you let your heart be true
Come on children, take Him in
He will wipe away your sin
All your hurts our Lord will mend today