We Are Free
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
We Are Free by Vic Zarley

All the things that God has made
He thought them with His mind
Our thoughts, too, have power
They can help us hold the line
They can take us on a spiral
Leading deep into the earth
When we’ve accepted Jesus
He will give us second birth

We are free
Jesus helps us all to see
We are free
That is how it came to be
We are free, we are free, we are free

We’ve cried so many tears-- that our hopeless thoughts have formed
We’ve had so many battles in our minds we’ve made the storms
We’ve felt so many pains inside from Satan and this world
Instead of standing strong against the fiery darts he’s hurled
(chorus then sing: )

Freer than the wind that blows
Our thoughts no longer wander
When the mind that thinks them knows
Its thoughts should not be squandered
We are free…

We are spirit and eternal…Through Christ Who is so pure
We are love and we are joy…of this we can be sure
We have qualities of God because He put Himself in us
And knowing this will free us for the peace of perfect trust (chorus twice)