We Fall Into Traditions
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
We Fall into Traditions – Vic & Eva Zarley

This world is an illusion
Of vanity affairs
And even those called Christians get
Caught up in worldly cares
Instead of using prayer and faith
Submitting to the Son
We're sons of disobedience,
Rebelling on the run

Chorus: We fall into traditions
With plans and plots and schemes
To build up earthly kingdoms
Fulfilling lofty dreams
(at end: The Bride cannot go on this way
She needs a brand new start
Repent of all this busy-ness
And purify your heart
Repent of all this busy-ness
And purify your heart)

The Church is in delusion
A carnival, it seems
We run it like a business
With marketing and teams
With clever skills of management
We hide from God's true Light
Never stopping long enough
To let Christ heal our sight (Chorus)

We claim Christ as our Savior
But never make Him Lord
We covet more possessions than
We ever can afford
And in our careless bustle,
We crucify anew
The Holy Lamb of God Who gave
His blood for me and you (Chorus + end)