We'll Never get the Victory
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
We’ll Rarely Get the Victory… by Vic Zarley (No Capo)
D__ ?__ D__ ? then D
Preachers preach on Sundays
That we’d better mend our ways
That we’d better leave the worldly things
Lying where they lay
But the world is pounded into us
Until our minds are shattered
Taking us away from things
____ G______________ D________?__ D__ ?__D
In life that really matter
Chorus: We give a little thought to God
________ And hope we’ll soon be there
____________________ A
________ But we’ll rarely get the victory
__________________G________________ D____ ?____D____?
________ On the wings of just one prayer

On Sunday morning all the boats upon the sea are docked
As preachers give encouragement and prayers within their talks
By Sunday afternoon the boats are tossing in the sea
Struck by winds of fear and doubt and negativity (chorus)

I struggle in my apathy—'cause life is often good
But if I'd take the time to see, I don't do as I should
This world tempts me daily with things to do and buy
While I take for granted that God sent His Son to die (chorus)

Will I die and go to heaven or die and go to hell?
Should not my fate mean more to me than "Only time will tell"?
My carpet should be worn where my knees have hit the floor
I pray the Church will come to see that faith requires more (chorus twice)