Wherever We Go
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Wherever We Go…
By Vic Zarley

The lyrics as I would like them to be are recorded here. They are slightly different from the recording we have on the site. Wherever we go, God is with us.

It’s hard to see that Christ was born
On that Holy Day
I can’t see His eyes so bright
Shining from the hay

But in my heart I know He’s here
He’s with me all the time
Christmas is for all the year
Now that Christ is mine

Wherever I go—He’s with me I know
Now that Christ is mine—He’s with me all the time (repeat)

The world is dark and filled with storms
Clouded with despair
Oh, Lamb of God, in us be born
Your light, through us, You’ll share

Don’t turn Him down, don’t make Him frown
Instead just welcome Him
He needs your soul to comfort those
Whose eyes yet see so dim

Wherever you go—He’s with you I know
Now that Christ is yours—He'll open many doors (repeat)

It’s easy to be taken down
We often lose our way
But our Lord still wears His crown
And He has made each day

We close our eyes and see Him
Then open them so wide
It isn’t we who do the work
But Christ who dwells inside

Wherever we go—He’s with us I know
Now that He’s inside—there’s no need to cry (repeat)