Who Would Think
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Who Would Think__3rd Fret

Words: Eva Zarley
Music: Vic Zarley

G________D____C__________ G
Lord of all, Lord of creation
G________D____ C____ G
I will ever worship You
G__________ D______C____ G
You’re the God of my salvation
______C____________G__________ D____________G
The cross is my promise that Your love is true

G__________ Bm________D__
Who would think the Lord of glory
Would come to earth for me
G____ Bm______ D________________ A________D
And that His love would take Him to Calvary?

Mighty God, lover of sinners
There is no one else like You
You can turn losers to winners
We’ll be transformed, Lord, when Your work is through (chorus)

Praises to my Saviour, forever
Jesus, I will bow to You
You won’t forsake me, no never!
You give me more joy, Lord, than I ever knew (chorus)