For What Is Bound on Earth
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
For What Is Bound on Earth Has Been Bound in Heaven
By Vic Zarley

This one came to me suddenly just before an illness (a cold or the flu) and reassured me that God could still use me. My favorite line is in the 4th verse "and send our demons to the hogs." God lets us think whatever we want to, but it is important we obtain pure hearts so that our thinking is aligned with God's. We are living in a pigpen down here on earth. It will be so much nicer in Heaven. Come humbly to God and allow Him to purify your heart.

1. The world is full of toys and endless lust for gain
Is there any doubt these toys are driving us insane?
Technology is such a feat - Excitement’s hard to keep discrete
But we won’t tumble in defeat - If God becomes our soul’s retreat

For what is bound on earth
Has been bound in Heaven
What is loosed on earth
Has been loosed in Heaven

Man had lost his holy place
Then God’s Son gave us His grace
By His blood our sin was bound
By His Word our peace is found
By His body which we consume

On earth we’ll loose…
The Upper Room

2. We’d like to have a clue of what we need to do
To take God’s Word into our hearts and know what’s false and true
We want the world and its lies - To be bound as we rely
Upon God’s Word which comes alive - Through faith this can be realized (chorus)

3. Did you know it’s possible to make another choice?
Did you know Almighty God would like to use our voice?
Bind up what is brought to mind - By the Spirit, we will find
Fleshly traits we need to bind - So that God can use our minds (chorus+bridge)

4. God lets us release upon the world our wants and needs
Only Him should we desire, as our hearts He reads
Can all our prayers be calls for God - To take away our self-made fogs
Which lift us out of murky bogs - And send our demons to the hogs (chorus)