I Found I'm Just in Love
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
I Found I’m Just in Love by Vic Zarley 3rd fret

__ C____?______ Am____ ?____
People cry for love within
__ F____G______C____G
People on the run
__ C____ ?________Am______?
And everywhere I look I see them
__ F____G____ C
Crying for the Son

__C________ ?______ Am______ ?
But shady days are all they see
__F__________ G________ C____ G
Beneath the clouds, so heavily
__ C__________?________ Am____ ?
Their laden minds can barely see
__ F____ G__________C
A dove that can be freed

Within so freely flying
________ F____G______C__ G
Such a tiny turtle dove
I’m not in love with anyone
__ F____G______________ C____ ?____Am____?__ F__ G__ C__ G
I’ve found I’m just in love

World, you are the testing place
What will you have us do?
We live our lives expectantly
But nothing’s coming through

There is within our souls, I’m sure
Imprisoned turtle doves
We need a key to their cage doors
They need a little shove (chorus)

If freedom is within our souls
Then freedom is without
If freedom is our very goal
Then freedom we must shout

Until the cage to rattles
Until the turtle dove
Flies within to open up
The fountain that is love (chorus)