I Found I'm Just in Love
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
I Found I’m Just in Love by Vic Zarley

I (Vic) was living in North Miami Beach, FL, in the 70s when a young man I had known many years before needed a place to live. I offered to share my apartment with him and split the rent. It had two bedrooms so he agreed. One afternoon I was asking for his portion of the rent and he, apparently didn't have it. Suddenly I felt God's Holy Spirit tell me to let it go. I shared that I'd like to pay his share this month and he wouldn't owe me anything.

I stepped out the door to go to work. Hopped in my car for the short drive to the health food store I worked in when, out of the blue, the lyrics to this song came flooding out of me. I had to pull the car over to write them down. As I began writing someone (whose property I was on) came running, shouting out of the residence I was in front of, telling me to get off their property. I quickly put the car in gear and sped off..unfortunately spraying pebbles and dirt on the shouter. Wherever you are, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

I found a safer location to write down the words, later putting music to them. What a blessing!

People cry for love within
People on the run
And everywhere I look I see them
Crying for the Son

But shady days are all they see
Beneath the clouds, so heavily
Their laden minds can barely see
A dove that can be freed

Within so freely flying
Such a tiny turtle dove
I’m not in love with anyone
I’ve found I’m just in love

World, you are the testing place
What will you have us do?
We live our lives expectantly
But nothing’s coming through

There is within our souls, I’m sure
Imprisoned turtle doves
We need a key to their cage doors
They need a little shove (chorus)

If freedom is within our souls
Then freedom is without
If freedom is our very goal
Then freedom we must shout

Until the cage to rattles
Until the turtle dove
Flies within to open up
The fountain that is love (chorus)