Intimate Mystery
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Intimate Mystery by Vic & Eva Zarley

I lift my voice in song to worship You
There’s nothing else, my God, I’d rather do
F____________ G________ C________ Am
I love the wonder of touching my King
F__________ G______________ C
The joy of being close to You

Intimate mystery
Of knowing the great Supreme
G__________________ C
Almighty God of the universe

His name is Jesus Christ
We’ll be in paradise
Forever blessed
Our souls at rest

With hands upraised and my heart humbled so
No longer phased by this world and its woes
For in Your presence, there’s a deep, deep peace
There’s more to You than I can know

All adoration to Your name we raise
To Christ the King shall be the highest praise
All earth and Heaven will bow to You
O Lamb of God, Ancient of Days