Intimate Mystery
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Intimate Mystery by Vic & Eva Zarley

We were staying at a camp ground where we got to stay for free for doing the Sunday morning service there. One evening we were just relaxing in the RV when I (Vic) began to strum a rift on the guitar. Eva heard words and started writing them down. She asked me to play the tune over and over as she wrote the lyrics. Suddenly I felt an urge to switch gears and play something entirely different. Eva says she felt irritated because she was trying to finish writing the first verse.

She said to the Lord "Why is he doing that? I asked him to keep playing the tune" She heard in her spirit the Lord telling her to keep writing. This was part of the song. Sure enough, the tune, although different worked right in with the lyrics and the rest of the song. We consider this song another example of the Lord working through two people to produce a work. We hope you are blessed as you listen to this song.

I lift my voice in song to worship You
There’s nothing else, my God, I’d rather do
I love the wonder of touching my King
The joy of being close to You

Intimate mystery
Of knowing the great Supreme
Almighty God of the universe
His name is Jesus Christ
We’ll be in paradise
Forever blessed
Our souls at rest

With hands upraised and my heart humbled so
No longer phased by this world and its woes
For in Your presence, there’s a deep, deep peace
There’s more to You than I can know

All adoration to Your name we raise
To Christ the King shall be the highest praise
All earth and Heaven will bow to You
O Lamb of God, Ancient of Days