John 2:15 (Jesus Made a Whip of Cords)
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
John 2:15 (Jesus, Take Your Whip of Cords) by Vic Zarley

In the early days of our marriage, I made a decision to pray daily out in our RV which we had parked on friend's property. I did this after Kristina had gone off to school and Eva had gone off to work. One day, during my prayer time, I felt/heard a strong admonition to "go to your guitar." I got up from prayer and sat on the edge of my bed, taking the guitar out of the case. In a few minutes the Lord had given me both words and music of John 2:15 (Jesus Made a Whip of Cords). What a wonderful message that Jesus, within us, will crack His whip and eliminate our chosen carnalities as we desire them to be eliminated. What a powerful and awesome God we have. I hope you enjoy this song. Remember God cares about all the dark spots (the impurities) in our souls and wants you to be sanctified and made "pure and holy" like his Son, Jesus. Will you truly give your life to Him?

The world is just a carnival -- that’s all that it will be
The things that happen in it we all take so seriously
And as we do then God can’t work through us to shine His light
Oh, Jesus, take that whip of yours and swing with all Your might -- then (1st chorus)

(1st chorus) Jesus made a whip of cords that
He would use
To drive out all carnality that
We would choose
Why do we fill our temples with
Ungodly things?
Oh, Jesus take your whip of cords and
Start to swing -- right now

Is your temple so defiled by watching that TV?
Do you bow down to get your paper and read excitedly?
Do you pay homage to the movies every Friday night?
Are you caught up in carnal news that lost reporters write? --let (2nd chorus)

(2nd chorus) Jesus make a whip of cords that
He would use
To drive out all carnality that
You would choose
Why do you fill your temple with
Ungodly things?
Let Jesus take His whip of cords and
Start to swing -- right now

If the church is just a social club, politically unfair
There’s Jesus with His whip of cords, right hand raised in the air
He grieves for temples, in and out, but will not stay despaired
For nothing is impossible when God is standing there --’cause (1st chorus twice, end)