Let My Glory Pass By
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Let My Glory Pass By
By Vic and Eva Zarley

__C________________G__________ F__________________C
Moses said "Oh, I beseech You, God, a glimpse of You, please give"
C______________G______________________F______________ C
God said "You can't see My face, son, no one sees my face and lives
C____________ G________________ C________________G
But My glory shall pass by you, you may have a partial view
C______________ G________________ F______________ C
Stand upon this rock, so holy, let My glory make things new"

Let My glory pass by you
Let My glory pass by
Open up your eyes and then
Watch My glory pass by (twice)

(at end only) There is no need to fear now
There is no need to fear
Open up your eyes and then
Watch My glory come near

Gideon was quite alarmed by fire coming from the staff
Of Jehovah God directly, but Jehovah God just laughed

"Your offering of cake and meat has been accepted, that's for sure"
Gideon just bowed before Him and knew His glory, oh so pure (chorus)

"I'm a man of unclean lips" says the prophet, if truth be told
All of us have unclean thoughts and unclean lives, in a world so cold

God had mercy on we sinners, from the altar, a seraph flew
Giving us a live, hot coal that made our lives as good as new (chorus)

God's great Hand snatched from that altar, His live coal, His son, for us
He sent Him forth to share His ember so we'd know, in God we trust

God's Son gave His life to save you, in your heart, He'll reign supreme
All God's glory passed before you. This is all that God's asking…(chorus)