I'm Bearin' Too Many Crosses
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Oh, I’m bearin’ too many crosses by Vic Zarley

C____________________ G______________ C
My neighbor went and got me in a quandry
His dog was howling every single night
I saw him where we two do our laundry
____ C______________G__________ C
The two of us got into a fist fight

C____________________ G________________ C
God’s asking me to learn to love my neighbor
______________________ G________________C
I know that I should never strike him down
Am________________ G____________F
We must heed the words of our Savior
____ C______________ G____________ C
I thought--as they carted me down town

________________________________ F________________ C
Chorus: Oh, I’m bearin’ too many crosses
____________________________ F______________________ G
My Lord already bore one for me
Why am I suffering so many losses
______________________________ G______D____________ G
When Jesus already set me free?

__________________________________ F________________ C
Yes, I’m bearin’ too many crosses
________________________________F____________________ G
And I wonder when I’m gonna learn
______________________________ F
What Jesus taught to me
Was meant to set me free
________________________________ G______________________ C
So I’m happy as I wait for His return

The judge has got an attitude that’s shocking
I don’t know why he ever took the oath
But at the door my Savior’s standing, knocking
Sometimes I feel just like a Christian oaf

How can I love that judge, how he hates me
But Jesus, You have said that I must try
Oh, God, I wish that You could medicate me
I’m suffering--but You, Lord, had to die! (chorus)

I said that I was sorry to my neighbor
And he agreed to bring his dog inside
I told him that God’s love was so much greater
And of Jesus--and he broke down and cried

My neighbor hadn’t known about my Savior
The timing for it never was quite right
Now he’s my friend, a fellow Jesus craver
I’m sorry that we ever had to fight (chorus)