A Perpetual Jubilee
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
A Perpetual Jubilee (2nd Fret)
By Vic Zarley
______F ____C
1. The Children of the Israelites
______ F________________ C
____When 50 years had churned
______ F____________ Am
____Got their debts forgiven
____And their property returned
______ F______________C
____Jesus Christ has come to us
______ F__________ C
____He’s made it very clear
______ F______________Am
____We can give just as He does
____________ G
____All throughout the year__ -__ All throughout the year__-__Let’s give…

C__________ Em____ F
A Perpetual Jubilee
C__________ Em____ G
A Perpetual Jubilee
______C________F______ C____ Am
God gives His all to each of us
C__________ G______C
A Perpetual Jubilee

________ F______________ C
2. The world is filled with hunger
____We’re protected in our shells
________F____________ Am
____We’ve made our little heavens
____While most people live in hell
__________F________________ C
____Why are we here? What purpose, please?
________ F____________ C
____To make our pockets bulge?
____Excuse me please if in that goal
____I don’t want to indulge__ -____ I don’t want to indulge - Let’s give…__(Chorus)

________ F______________C
3. I’ve heard it said as a truth
________ F____________ C
____The rich will just get richer
________ F____________Am
____And those who have so little now
______________ G
____May always be ditch diggers
____But, should we have such earthly wealth
________ F________________ C
____In this world so filled with pain?
________ F________________Am
____If love from God is freely given
____Could we not do the same? Could we not do the same?__Let’s give… (Chorus)

________ F______________ C
4. Don’t stop at giving one time
________ F________ C
____Does God do that to us?
__________F____________ Am
____Our purpose is to share it all
____________ G
____Forever, as we trust
________ F__________ C
____Our goals are heaven centered
________ F____________C
____Our purpose, not of here
________ F__________Am
____Don’t leave a child suffering
____Don’t leave him in his tears – Don’t leave him in his tears..give him (Chorus)

5. We want to make a fortune
________ F______C
____To win the lottery
____We want to fill our bank accounts
____And think of me, Me, ME
______ F____________ C
____But giving all for everyone
______ F____________C
____Can help us see God’s Light
________ F__________ Am
____And take us out of selfishness
____And give us Godly sight—And give us Godly sight…Let’s give (Chorus)

________ F__________________C
6.__I’ve got to save some for myself
____ I’ve got to save my life
__________F__________ Am
____Why should I give my savings?
______________ G
____Why should I be in strife?
__________F________________ C
____Why should the hungry die when we
__________ F______ C
____Have so much to give?
__________ F____________ Am
____What is the purpose of our lives
____Why do we even live? Why do we even live? But for…(Chorus) (No “A”)

________ F________ C
7. There’s so much division
__________ F__________C____
____Be it cultural or class
__________ F________Am____
____There’s so much derision
____When we think of us like that
________ F__________C
____God made us in His image
________F__________ C
____And He gave us Jesus Christ
______ F____________Am
____To show us how to live our lives
____And give us great advice—He gives us great advice..Let’s give (Chorus)

C__________ Em__ F
A Perpetual Jubilee
C__________Em____ G
A Perpetual Jubilee
C__________ F________ C______Am
God gives His all to each of us
C__________ G____C
A Perpetual Jubilee

8. How much do we really need
________ F____________ C
____To live our lives complete?
____Could we not just praise the Lord
____And share the food we eat?
____Luxury can make us blind
______ F______________ C
____In us it builds a wall
______ F__________ Am
____And we forget who gave to us
__________________ G
____His life, in fact, His all—He gave His life for all …He gave (Chorus – Bridge talked – Chorus twice)


I know this is impossible
That this will never do
We’ve got too much invested in
Ourselves to make this true
But God’s view is so wonderful
We need a change of heart
Let’s sing this song, let’s sing this prayer
Perhaps this song will start…(Chorus twice)