A Perpetual Jubilee
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
A Perpetual Jubilee
By Vic Zarley

1. The Children of the Israelites
When 50 years had churned
Got their debts forgiven
And their property returned
Jesus Christ has come to us
He’s made it very clear
We can give just as He does
All throughout the year - All throughout the year - Let’s give…

A Perpetual Jubilee
A Perpetual Jubilee
God gives His all to each of us
A Perpetual Jubilee

2. The world is filled with hunger
We’re protected in our shells
We’ve made our little heavens
While most people live in hell
Why are we here? What purpose, please?
To make our pockets bulge?
Excuse me please if in that goal
I don’t want to indulge - I don’t want to indulge - Let’s give… (Chorus)

3. I’ve heard it said as a truth
The rich will just get richer
And those who have so little now
May always be ditch diggers
But, should we have such earthly wealth
In this world so filled with pain?
If love from God is freely given
Could we not do the same? Could we not do the same? Let’s give… (Chorus)

4. Don’t stop at giving one time
Does God do that to us?
Our purpose is to share it all
Forever, as we trust
Our goals are heaven centered
Our purpose, not of here
Don’t leave a child suffering
Don’t leave him in his tears – Don’t leave him in his tears..give him (Chorus)

5. We want to make a fortune
To win the lottery
We want to fill our bank accounts
And think of me, Me, ME
But giving all for everyone
Can help us see God’s Light
And take us out of selfishness
And give us Godly sight—And give us Godly sight…Let’s give (Chorus)

6. I’ve got to save some for myself
I’ve got to save my life
Why should I give my savings?
Why should I be in strife?
Why should the hungry die when we
Have so much to give?
What is the purpose of our lives
Why do we even live? Why do we even live? But for…(Chorus) (No “A”)

7. There’s so much division
Be it cultural or class
There’s so much derision
When we think of us like that
God made us in His image
And He gave us Jesus Christ
To show us how to live our lives
And give us great advice—He gives us great advice..Let’s give (Chorus)

A Perpetual Jubilee
A Perpetual Jubilee
God gives His all to each of us
A Perpetual Jubilee

8. How much do we really need
To live our lives complete?
Could we not just praise the Lord
And share the food we eat?
Luxury can make us blind
In us it builds a wall
And we forget who gave to us
His life, in fact, His all—He gave His life for all …He gave (Chorus – Bridge talked – Chorus twice)


I know this is impossible
That this will never do
We’ve got too much invested in
Ourselves to make this true
But God’s view is so wonderful
We need a change of heart
Let’s sing this song, let’s sing this prayer
Perhaps this song will start…(Chorus twice)