Redeemable Me
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Redeemable Me__Capo 3rd fret
By Vic Zarley
____ C________________G__________ C__________ G
1. I’ve been to the edge of the world and I prayed
________ C__________ G__________ F________ D
__ That You would forgive my unrighteous ways
__________ C____________ G________C______________G
____That You would stand by me despite where I dwell
__________ C________________ G__________________ F__________________D
____That You, Lord, would snatch me, from the clenched jaws of hell

__C______________ G________ C__________ G
I’ve been so unworthy, I stand then I fall
______C____________G____________ F__________D
The world that I dwell in seems nothing at all
____ C____________G__________ C__________ G
Compared to the Kingdom You speak of so sure
____ C____________ G____________________F________ D
Oh, Father, Oh Father, please make my heart pure

____________ Em__________G______________________
Chorus: Oh, Father, I thank You
______Em________ G
I’m down on my knees
For making redeemable
________ Redeemable me

Oh, Father, I thank You
____ Em__________G
I’m down on my knees
______Em______ G
For making redeemable
Redeemable me

2. My heart’s in Your hand, My soul’s in Your fist
____This world of temptation is so hard to resist
____For my eyes cannot see what You say is so real
____I fall, Oh my Father, am I too hard to heal?

Can You take this sick soul in Your healing hands
And once and for all make it sure where I stand?
Can You raise my dim sight to Your level so I
Will no longer see through these poor earthly eyes? (Chorus)

3. Be gone, Oh you Satan, be you gone NOW
____I don’t want temptation, I don’t want to bow
____Anymore to this world and all that it means
____Awaken me, Lord, from this terrible dream

Awaken me, Lord, is that what You could do?
If Christ is in me, am I worthy to You?
Deep down in the depths of my struggling soul
Please comfort me, Lord, since I’m part of Your fold

4. I’m asking You, God, is there hope here at last?
____In Your passion play, Father, am I part of the cast?
__ Can You use my flawed soul for your heavenly cause?
__ I give it to You, Lord, along with its flaws

I don’t want temptation, I don’t want this world
I don’t want its riches, its gold or its pearls
Just give me Your hand, Lord and lead me Your way
Please take from my lips anymore I would say (Chorus)