What You Do to the Least of These - long version
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
What You Do to the Least of These By Vic Zarley__Capo 2nd fret
(initially: F, Am, G)
Mother Theresa cradled the dying
In her arms they weren’t alone
She saw in those on the street who were crying
E__________________ A____A7
Christ’s face was shown

Everyone around us--everyone’s dying
But this is what can be known
In all of those angry, in all of the trying
E____________________A__ A7
Christ’s face is shown
__________________Am__________________________ F
Chorus:________ What you do to the least of these
__________________Am__________________________ F
What you do to the least of these
__________________Am__________________________ F
What you do to the least of these
______ G____________________ F
You do to me__ (after final chorus end with Am, G, Am)

The homeless, the hungry, the hurting, the mad
Everyone here on the face of this earth
The drivers, the strivers, the hopeless, the sad
In Him have worth

Jesus Christ told us that we shouldn’t judge
It seems such an impossibility
When we judge others, would Jesus say,
“You’re judging me”?__(chorus)

Oh, Father God, in this world of sorrow
There’s a way toward the end of our pain
You can show us a better tomorrow
As love’s regained

People seem heartless, so mean and so cold
They kick us and bring us on down
Help us to love them with a love that enfolds and
Your love comes around (chorus)

There’s too much we’re keeping, we will not let go
Our burdens are weighing us down
We’ll give God our burdens, forgive all our foes
‘Til peace is found

Lord, make it simple, help keep us in line
We’ll do what you’ve asked us to do
Help keep us focused, renewing our minds as we
See more of You (chorus)

It’s easy to love all our neighbors and friends
That even the heathen will do
Lord help us love as from Heaven you send
Your love straight through

Lord, help us listen to you through the strife
Your words are the wisdom we need
You are the way and the truth and the life
That we would heed__(chorus twice, end)