Spinning Spinning God's Great Love
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Spinning Spinning God's Great Love by Vic Zarley

Spinning from God's giant loom
Threads flow through the world
Golden threads flow from the sun
Green waving threads just curl

As ocean laps at sandy threads
And shells, a stitch in time
Once God's thread was woven there
And now we see the sign

Spinning spinning God's great love
Spinning God's deep peace
Spinning spinning all His joy
God's works will never cease

Spinning spinning all our laughter
Spinning all our tears
Spinning spinning ever after
Spinning…through the years

(at end add:…through the years)

Spinning from God's giant loom
Spreading 'round and 'round
Forest floors have needle points
Woven on the ground

How our Father makes it so
How the threads do fly
The multi-colored facets of
This earth can make us cry

And how the threaded tears can fall
Trace the silver threads
Down our cheeks onto the earth
God's joy fills our heads

The threads of light stream through the night
God's fingers spin away
The buildings sparkle with moonlight
And moon threads light the bay

God please mend unraveled pleas
Our broken threaded cries
Jesus has Your pattern, God
Through Him loose ends are tied

Oh, Father, how we want to be
In everything You do
Through Your Son please spin us
Spin us into You