On the Third Day - acoustic version
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
On the Third Day
Words and music by Vic and Eva Zarley

Kermit Zarley was a professional golfer with the PGA for many years, even winning some tournaments. Then, when he got older, he was with the Senior's. But always, he was a Bible scholar. He has written many books proclaiming his faith and knowledge. One of those books was On the Third Day which explores the many times the 3rd day was mentioned in the Bible and what that may mean. Here is his story about this song which we've shared on godlychristianmusic.com.

"The Story Behind the Song, “On the Third Day”
by Kermit Zarley

My cousin, Vic Zarley, is a fledgling songwriter, singer, and an unpublished author. For a considerable part of his life, Vic embraced the Unity faith and then New Age while living in southern California. Several years ago he gradually adopted a more traditional view of Christianity as he came into a very personal, vibrant, and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. When that happened, Vic changed from composing songs about New Age to making songs that gloryify God through his new faith in Jesus.

Some of Vic’s new songs really bless my soul. He likes to think about bringing back folk music. He plays the acoustic guitar, and his lyrics are very clear. Vic’s wife, Eva, has her own creative talents as an artist, lyricist and writer. Eva now assists Vic in composing his songs, and she often sings along with him. I think Vic and Eva are making a great team that is seeking to honor God through music and other ways.

Vic is always interested in what I’m writing. When I got The Third Day Bible Code manuscript about finished, he asked me if I would email it to him so that he could read it. I did. Vic then read it out loud to Eva while she did chores. Vic finished reading it, so they both knew the content of the manuscript fairly well.

Then I got an idea. I thought, “Why not ask Vic if he would write a song based on this book, The Third Day Bible Code. My original purpose for making this suggestion related to the Christian rock band, “Third Day,” though I didn’t tell Vic that at first. Third Day had been the #1 Christian rock band in the U.S. for the past few years. I had listened to their music on the radio and attended two of their live concerts here in the Phoenix area, where I live. I like music a lot, and I was impressed. I initially got interested in this band only because of their name being similar to my book. Obviously, their name refers to Jesus’ resurrection on the third day.

I noticed that at Third Day concerts they sell lots of CDs and T-shirts, but no literature. I had wondered for some time if they could be interested in offering my book for sale at their concerts. So, I later thought of Vic writing a song based on my book and trying to get both Vic’s song and my book to Third Day to see if they would be interested in using the song and selling my book. Third Day has been having about a hundred concerts per year, playing to a total live audience of over a million people.

So, Vic and Eva wrote the song, and I loved it. I think its lyrics perfectly reflect my book. I then suggested that we use my prior working title for the book, “On the Third Day,” as the title for this song. (See “The Story Behind the Title.”) That’s what we did and viola! A song and a book joined together; you don’t see that very often."

Eva and I are partial to this acoustic version of this song. But Dean Kaelin produced a nice version, too, which is included in this collection.

It was three days that Abraham
Traveled forth to slay his son
On the third day, a ram appeared
Isaac would not be the one (Chorus)

God is gonna raise us
Our God is gonna save us
The road's already paved for us
By the blood of the Lamb

For three days Israel prepared
To meet God at Sinai
Warned to cleanse and purify
So that they wouldn't die (Chorus)

The Lord proclaimed that in three days
Israel could take the Promised Land
Prepare your things, keep listening
I, the Lord, am in command (Chorus)

It was three days that Esther prayed
So the Jews wouldn't die
On the third day, fasting and prayers
Stopped a brutal genocide (Chorus)

It was three days that Jonah stayed
In a great fish with his dread
"On the third day," Jesus said
He'd be raised from the dead (Instrumental solo, Bridge then Chorus)

If only one day is as a thousand years
We all must watch and pray
Messiah will not be returning here
Until...we're in the Third Day

Hosea says, "The remnant cries
To the Lord we shall return
On the third day, the Lord revives
And binds what He had torn."

(Chorus with last line twice)