When the Fire's Over (revised)
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
When the Fire's Over
by Vic & Eva Zarley

Once again, this is an Eva Vic song where I was goofing off doing chording and Eva immediately got words. We sang this at the prison where we fellowship monthly and the men were crying openly. If anyone has gone through the fire, these men have. There is a point in life, often, where our minds are, at last, able to reach a state of repentance—a kind of wanting to get things right and walk with the Lord.

When the fire's over, friend
When the trial is done
When the time of testing ends
We'll walk with God's Son

Fiery darts are bound to come
Through people near to you
Keep your eyes upon the One
Who cares and helps you through (refrain)

Let not anger rise in you
Over pain and loss
Every sorrow leads you to
Removal of the dross (refrain)

Wand'ring pilgrim keep your eyes
From counting all your wounds
You will gain a worthy prize
For Christ is coming soon (refrain)