May Jesus be with me
Artist: John David Coupland
C__________Em________F__________ G
WHEN TROUBLES BESET ME and black is the day,
______C________ Em________ F________ G
When sweet little evils would lead me astray,
When all sight has failed
________ F____________ G
and poor faith takes the strain,
______Am________Em______F______ G C
I will call out to God to restore me again.

G____C______Em__________F____G C
May Jesus be with me wherever I go,
____C________Am________ F____________G
His power before me, his peace here below,
____C__________Am________F__________ G
His love on my left and his word on my right,
____C________ Em________F______G C F C G
Oh Jesus, my Saviour, be with me tonight.

When strong winds come lashing the walls of my home,
I'll turn then to Jesus who sits on the throne,
And call out for strength to endure such a storm
In the pitch black of midnight, I'll pray for the dawn.

And when I draw close to the end of my days,
When all of life's colours have faded to grey,
I shall not despair I will wait for the dawn,
When the Lord in his mercy will carry me home.

CCLI No. 5326217