He Is Risen
Artist: Cyndi Aarrestad

1. Her Lord is dead and buried, underneath the ground
A stone in the tomb’s entrance and the soldiers all around
Her heart is breaking as she comes, sure of what she’ll see
But He’s not here, the angel says, and tells her joyously

Cho) He is risen, risen from the dead
He is risen, alive just like He said
Death could not hold Him, He broke the power of hell
Resurrection morning, Jesus is alive and well

2. Their hearts were filled with sorrow, how could they go on
Their Master had been taken, and their hope was all but gone
But then the joyful shouts were heard, as the women came
They ran to see, Oh can it be, He is alive again

3. Each Easter we remember, what our Lord has done
Redemption that was purchased and the victory He won
But everyday let us rejoice, and celebrate His gift
And strengthen one another, with the news that Jesus lives

© Cyndi Aarrestad, 2006