If I Told You
Artist: Gord Lang
If I Told You …

C __ C7______F
Now you tell me that the pain you feel is more than you can bear
C7 __ F __C D ________G
If you tried to tell someone about it they would never care
C ____________________C7______F____________________C
And it hurts to watch you struggle knowing all that you've been through
C7__ F__________________C________________G________ G7____C
So I promise that I'll listen – its the least that I can do

C7______ F C
(But) If I told you how He touched me when the pain was all I knew
________________ G____________G7__________________ F______________ C
________Would it help you to believe that He could do the same for you
C7____F C
If I took your hand and led you to the One who set me free
__________ G________ __G7 ________F G7__ C
Could you hold on to the promise of His perfect liberty