Heart Attack
Artist: Brenda Liddiard
On one side of the world there's a man
who's dying and it's hard to understand
I've seen him on my TV screen from time to time
his children's hollow eyes burn in to mine.

He had a heart attack
his body couldn't take it any more
he's dying 'cos his country is so poor
while the weapons of the wealthy feed the wars
heart attack.

While on the other side of the world there's a man
who's dying and his wife can't understand
she's sure that she's given him the best that she can
but her love has proved too much for him to stand

He had a heart attack, and they say that he was only 33
he died because he couldn't stop his greed
while the evening news shows the people we don't feed
heart attack.

And I wonder how we have come so far from the paradise God gave us
It's a mystery of humanity and I wonder what can save us.

We need a heart attack
we need to feel a pain so very deep inside
we need to hurt so much there's nowhere for love to hid
we need to think again so no one has to die
from a heart attack.