The Blood of Christ
Artist: John David Coupland
Am__________ F____ C__________ G
The blood of Christ who by the Spirit,
Am________ F______ G
Offered himself to God,
Am__________F______C__________ G
Spotless to cleanse our sinful conscience,
Am____________ F______ G
From acts that lead to death,
________F______G________ Am Em__F
So that we may serve the Living God,
C________ G______Am
Serve the Living God,
Dm7______ G______C
Serve the Living God.

Christ did appear once and for all time,
Where all times meet as one.
And by His death there on the cross,
Destroyed every sin,
For as we die once then face our Judge,
Christ died once for all.
Christ died once for all.

A second time Christ will appear,
Not to bear sin once more.
He comes to bring our great salvation,
To those who wait on Him.
Yes He comes to bring our salvation,
Bought upon the cross,
This He did for us.

CCLI No 6294788