In The Name of the Lord
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
Give thanks to the Lord forever; call upon His name
Make known His deeds to the world
Greatly to be praised is He in heaven and earth
And we are His people, we trust:

In the name of the Lord, our God
In the name of the Lord, our King
In the name of the Lord, my strength
In the name of the Lord, I sing

Glory in His Holy name, and always seek His face
Let all His children rejoice
For He is the Lord our God, His judgments are just
Praise Him and always give thanks:

He has filled our mouths with laughter, and made us sing
And those who cry shall reap in joy
The hand of the Lord has blessed us; His ways are sure
And blessed is the Saviour who comes:

Any weapon formed against me will not prosper
In the name of Jesus I can do all things

Copyright Paul Dreisbach 2012