Tears of the cross
Artist: John David Coupland
Em__________________Am________B7______________ Em
In the tears of the cross, we fall and worship you.
________Em______________ Am____________ D________________G
As they lie there in the dross, all our sins are washed away.
__________Em______________ Am__________B7__________________ Em
These are tears of all the Earth, each tribe and tongue and nation,
______ Em______________ Am__________D______________G
Such a mix of grief and joy for the punishment you bear.
Bm______________ C________________G
Tears of sadness for the pain our sin has brought to you.
B7________________Em________________ C______________ D
Tears of love and shouts of joy from all who worship you.

______ Em__________ Am________ B7____________ Em
In the blood of the cross your love for us is clear,
As it lies there in the dross all our sins are washed away.
________Em______________ Am____ B7__________Em
This is blood of God and man so perfectly become as one,
________Em______________ Am____________D______________ G
And the Sun there in the sky turns its face and looks away.
Blood has flowed to clear the world from every trace of sin.
B7____________________Em____________________C__________________ D
Blood has flowed that we might live through faith in Christ our King.