Tears of the cross
Artist: John David Coupland
In the tears of the cross, we fall and worship you.
As they lie there in the dross, all our sins are washed away.
These are tears of all the Earth, each tribe and tongue and nation,
Such a mix of grief and joy for the punishment you bear.
Tears of sadness for the pain our sin has brought to you.
Tears of love and shouts of joy from all who worship you.

In the blood of the cross your love for us is clear,
As it lies there in the dross all our sins are washed away.
This is blood of God and man so perfectly become as one,
And the Sun there in the sky turns its face and looks away.
Blood has flowed to clear the world from every trace of sin.
Blood has flowed that we might live through faith in Christ our King.

CCLI No. 5637054