Rejoice, Rejoice
Artist: Cyndi Aarrestad

1. God sent His only Son, to taste death for everyone
And when His work was done, He’d borne our sin and shame
He paid the greatest price; became our sacrifice
Dying to bring us life, so now we can proclaim

Cho. Rejoice, rejoice, for Christ is risen
Our sins are all forgiven
He opened up the way to Heaven
So we may enter in
Rejoice, rejoice, He is victorious
Sin, death, hell conquered for us
Forever He is reigning glorious
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

2. Death could not hold its prey; the stone was rolled away
Early on the third day, He rose triumphantly
They placed Him in the ground, but His body was not found
Hell could not keep Him bound, He lives to set men free

3. Good news the angel gave, behold the empty grave
All men could now be saved, eternal hope revived
And still the message rings; with joyful hearts we sing
Praise to our risen King, for Jesus is alive!