We come before the Lord
Artist: John David Coupland
We come before the Lord, into His presence we bring,
____ Dmaj7________________________________ Gmaj7
Each heart and soul and mind that wants to worship our King.
Em__________A____ Em__________A______ Dmaj7 Gmaj7__Dmaj7 A
Glorify His name, glorify His name we pray,____ we pray.
Expecting He will answer we have brought Him our prayers,
____Dmaj7________________________________ Gmaj7
Our broken hearts and troubled minds, our deepest of cares.
Em__________A____ Em__________A________ Dmaj7 Gmaj7__Dmaj7 A
Holy is His name, holy is His name this hour,__ this day.
Em A__D______ Bm__Em______ A____D
Jesus fill us now with the Holy One.
Em__A__D________ Bm G______________A
Spirit dwell within each and every one.
Holy Spirit come.

CCLI No. 6602222