Lament for a Nation
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Lament for Our Nation by Vic and Eva Zarley and Mark Lyon

America, America, Don’t you know what’s happening to you?
America, America, God’s righteous judgments are true
The glory of the Lord has departed – The glory of the Lord has departed
His hedge of protection is down

Fallen is Babylon, the great and mighty nation
So blessed by God until her wealth exceeded all
Every nation now has benefitted from her excess
Yet her corruption drew the world into a fall

The people weep and wail over her destruction
Few saw it coming, though the warnings all were there
Numbered, numbered, we're weighed and found wanting
With writing on the wall and planes in the air


Oh, how we cry out at the complex plans and killings
Hating those who feel like they could take life out this way
Who has shed a tear as they behold the brutal slaughter
We perform on unborn children each and every day

In cold calculation, we kill the babies
Giving no justice in the land of the free
Why then be puzzled at the harvest
Of what we've sown, when we’ve shown no mercy? (chorus then Bridge)

Bridge: Lo........rd we repent
Desperately we intercede in Jesus' name for He's our recompense
Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb
Lord of life, Lord of love, Lord of all, God of Abraham
The great I AM.....

God is in control and in His love, withholds His blessing
Causing all the leaders of the world to be insane
Without His wisdom we indulge in all perversion
Until all that we are and all we do is just profane

No weapon formed by man impedes the progress
Of the judgment on a nation that refuses to pray
In sack cloth and ashes we’ll lament for our nation
Unless America turns now from her wicked way

(Chorus twice)