Now the hour
Artist: John David Coupland
Now the hour of darkness comes,
Life for us, death for the Son.
Now the hour foretold from long ago.
Wicked men surround him now,
Wicked thorns that pierce His brow.
Bruised and beaten, blood pours down His face.

Em C__ G______D
Jesus, Son of God,
Em______C______G______ D
Perfect man of perfect love,
C______ G________C______G
All our sins now fall upon you,
Am__ D______ G__ Em
Holy Lamb of God.
Am__ D______ E__ (Am last chorus)
Holy Lamb of God.

To the hillside now you go,
With your cross, your feet so slow,
Days ago they glorified your name.
Now the mocking, now the shame,
No one dares to call your name.
Hell is celebrating victory.

On the cross they lift you high,
Some will jeer and some will cry,
Few have stayed to see you in your pain.
‘It is finished,’ now you cry,
Drop your head and then you die.
Then the burning Sun hides from the sky.

In the tomb so cold you lie.
One day, two days, then the cry,
‘Christ is risen, Jesus is alive!’
To the women you appear,
Then the men, then hundreds more,
‘Christ is risen, Jesus is alive!’

CCLI No. 6602198