He is the mighty one
Artist: John David Coupland
CAPO 5 for Dm

Am(Dm)__________ F(Bb)____G(C)______ Am (Dm)______________________________
He is the mighty one, the saviour of men.
________________ F(Bb)__G(C)______ Am(Dm)
He is the mighty one, redeemer and friend.
________________ F(Bb)__________E(A)
He is the mighty one, Jesus the Lord.
He is the risen one, the truth and the way.
________________F(Bb)__________ G(C)__________Am(Dm)
He is the risen one, and he has conquered the grave.
He is the risen one, mighty to save.
Dm(Gm)__________G(C)__ Cmaj7(Fmaj7)__Am(Dm)__
Jesus Christ is risen. Jesus is____ alive.
Dm(Gm)__________ G(C)__ F(Bb)__G(C)____ C(F)
Death has been defeated and we shall survive,
__ F(Bb)__________________ E(A)________________________________
By holding to faith in the one that we love,
______ Am(Dm)______________ Dm(Gm)
in the one who we honour as king.
E(A)______________________ Am(Dm) F(Bb)Am(Dm) E(A) Am(Dm)
Jesus is Lord all creation sing.

CCLI No. 5111374