When The Stone Was Rolled Away
Artist: Cyndi Aarrestad

1. His body hung upon the cross, and then they took it down
They wrapped it up and placed it in a tomb within the ground
A stone was rolled in front, the soldiers tried to seal Him in
But Easter morning it was moved, because He rose again

Cho. When the stone was rolled away, the gates of hell were broken
When the stone was rolled away, sin and death He overcame
As He rose victoriously, the earth beneath Him trembled
For the resurrection power was revealed
When the stone was rolled away

2. The women came with spices to anoint Him where He lay
They wondered who would help them roll the heavy stone away
But then an earthquake shook the ground, they saw through frightened eyes
The stone was moved, an angel said, “He’s not here, He’s alive!”

3. We celebrate at Easter, how our Savior rose again
To bring deliverance and hope to all who’d call on Him
The stones of unbelief and fear, He still can move away
Because His resurrection life, dwells in our hearts today

© Cyndi Aarrestad, 2008