He Is Risen (Words:Vic Zarley, music by Emissary found at http://music.Mevio.com)
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
It's over
It's done
Though traffic speeds by my window
I can see the lifeless body
As lifeless as a million ancestors of mine
Though birds chatter life out my window
I can see the body in state
Lying there
So still
So very still

A jet almost breaks my somber vision with its thunderous roar
I see his hand twitch
I see his eyelids squeeze tight
Then flash open
So much love
So much compassion
For the people who killed him
Then, as a long freight train rumbles by in the distance
Clickity clack clickety clack
I wonder at his power
At his life
At his wisdom
That-though many years have passed
And shops are clothed in concrete and glass
Instead of tents
And streets are asphalt
Instead of dirt
And transportation is metallic
Instead of animal
And we are all so sophisticated now-
A man, in his funeral attire
Sat up!

"Destroy this temple..."
And took some deep breaths,
Each breath a praise to the Father within
"...And I will..."
And angels rolled a giant rock away for him
"...In three days..."
And he stepped out into the morning air
Praising the life in his body
"...Raise it again"

It's over
It's done
God's Son rose that awesome day
For each of us, He is the way