Jesus (Words:Vic Zarley, music:Ismail Abatay found at
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
You're the tranquility of a flowing river
You are the warmth of the sun
You are the wisdom of the stars
First Cause-what all is from

You are the beauty that pervades
You are the lasting peace
You are the person that I need
For healing and release

You're in a speck of dust that floats
So lazily in my room
You're in this speck of earth rotating
You're in the sun and moon

You are the factor that I need
You're what I'm reaching for
You are the shaft of light I see
You are the open door

You see through me so perfectly
You hear the ocean's roar
You feel the pulse upon my wrist
You make my spirit soar

I have Your essence that I need
Through Your blood shed, it's paid for
The gift I've got is what I've sought
Indeed, it's what I'm made for

I align myself with You, dear God
I think just what You are
I feel Your presence through my being
I become Your shining star