More Than a Sip..(Words:Vic Zarley, music:Kevin Macleod at
Artist: Vic and Eva Zarley
Communion with our Lord must be so much more than the symbolic sip of juice
And morsel of bread
O, how the Lord wants to be scooped into us
Use your hands and arms to gather Him in
Take deep breaths and pull Him into your lungs
You will know you have Communion with Christ when you look upon a world
That is hateful and cruel and out to spitefully use you
And, instead, see a world filled with frightened, whimpering people
Crying out for God.

What if only you could show them a God they could understand?
Would you take this responsibility seriously?
This IS exactly that...

More than a sip and a morsel
O, do not nibble and sip our Lord and Savior
Use everything you have within you--hold nothing back
For to the extent you do not share Him with others
He will be unable to share all His glory with you
Take Him in for good
Take Him in for others
Take Him in for the sad, the lonely, the repentant and the angry
Take Him in for the cruel and the hateful and the murderers and the perverted
Take Him in for the haughty,
Yes, especially for everyone who rests on their laurels of accomplishments

More than a sip and a morsel
Go for Him like never before
For now is the day of reckoning
Now is the time of His return
Be ready with the joy of Christ spilling over into your life and into your world
For if He is not this much a part of your life,
If He is not bursting forth gently and lovingly into all the corners of your world,
Then He has become invisible and distant and is no longer a personal God.
If He is invisible to you, do you not think He'll be invisible to others as well?
How can this, then, speak of a caring God
Who came to earth to save us
And is here with us even now, as He promised He would be?
More than a sip and a morsel
You are in covenant with God, through Christ
He takes on your enemies, sin and Satan
And defends you
He exchanges your filthy rags of works
And gives you His robe of righteousness
All He asks of you is that you love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself

More than a sip and a morsel
Do not be so dainty in your serving
Have you tasted the Living Water?
He is coming, He is coming
Are you cleansed by His blood?
He is coming, He is coming
Is there oil in your lamp for the Bridegroom?
Because He's coming
Halleluiah, He's coming