Artist: bill brown
how can I live without you
Jesus saviour and lord
how can I live without you
you live deep in my heart
gave me a life that is new

Jesus light of my life
thank you is never enough
all of the things that you’ve taught
forgiveness compassion and love
(bridge 1 )
somewhere deep in my soul
you hold the key to my life
and when this life of mine ends
you will be waiting for me

Jesus friend of the lost
gods greatest gift to us all
healing the sick and the poor
so humble so meek lord of all
(bridge 2)
someday the whole world will know
your name will be on every tongue
from every nation all over the earth
songs of great praise will be sung

Jesus freed us from sin
perfection so pure and so true
Jesus you gave up you live
how can I live with-out you.
how can I live-- with-out you