Artist: bill brown
You’ve got to have faith

You've got to have faith to take a walk on the water,
A whole lot of faith to take just one step on the sea
You must never look down,
as the waves all crash around,
And you will be supported,
Just as Peter found himself supported,
Back in Galilee.

The waves were rising higher,
the wind whipped up the spray
Clouds shrouded all the light that day.
A ghost upon the water?
No, a teacher hearing prayer,
Knowing he was needed by those there.
You've got to have faith…

So his hand stretched out to Peter,
asked him had he got the faith?
It takes belief to keep you safe.
He had faith but not enough,
called " Save me Lord; it's just too tough
I'm so puny and the sea's so rough
You've got to have faith…

We can pray like Peter
and turn our lives around,
When winds howl and the oceans pound
Reach out when he calls your name,
your new life's begun
It will start when to his arms we run
You've got to have faith…

© David Sampson