His Wisdom
Artist: Farms and Fields
Verse 1
Few would disagree
God is mighty to save.
Just look around and you'll see
His potency displayed.

Most would not debate.
He's compelling, indeed.
His strength and power great
And sovereignly intercedes.

But consider this
A truth that you can trust.
We know God's might has no limits
But it's His wisdom that teaches us.


We crave God's power
But not His precision.
We cling to strength
But not His vision.
We want relief
We want intercession
But more than this
We need to trust in His wisdom.

Verse 4
The temptation in life
Is to try and get out
Flee to comfort's arms
Take an easier route.

He makes all things great
So for this we plead
Not fully grasping
That it's His wisdom we need

Oh Lord, help us
In every circumstance.
To remember those whom You love,
Triune wisdom ordained all things in advance


Powerful and omnipotent is He.
He has promised to meet our every need.
But, oftentimes our greatest needs are met
In the endurance of unchanging, ordained steps.

2014 Copyright Kim Noble