What Does It Profit?
Artist: Farms and Fields
Mark 8:34-38

Verse 1: The world is filled with joys to find.
Pleasures unmeasured; ambitions untold.
The Father of mercies amply supplies
Common grace in life bestowed.

Verse 2: Be careful though, dear Christian one,
For in each self-indulging path
The prowling lion seeks to destroy
He wants to steal your soul right back.

Chorus: What does it profit a man
should he gain the whole world
yet loses his very own soul?
What does a man exchange in
earthly goods for the comfort of a heavenly home?
Whoever wishes to follow Jesus
The denial of self must always take place.
For in this journey while here on earth
we lose our life for the gospel's sake.

Verse 3: The devil uses dirty tricks
He never blatantly shows all
But plays seductions quietly
And offers life in fake reward.

Verse 4: "Come here and find your place in life."
He whispers self can finally be met.
And found in money, power, and fame
Through worldly sorrow's intellect."

Or maybe Satan tries great fear
To get you to submit,
And draw your eyes off of Christ
So in this life you'll quit.
But do not fear dear Christian soul,
We have agape love,
And what the world can never do,
The gospel always does.

2014 Copyright Kim Noble