Go In Peace
Artist: Joseph Gill
We are the seed, broken, scattered and sown Heaven and earth meet as one, before the Lamb’s High Throne And just for a moment, we transcend the human race Partaking of divinity, drawing from the fount of grace

To Your Name we sing, hymns of praise and thanksgiving That in Your mercy You count us worthy To share a glimpse of radiant glory.

A sacrifice once given, unblemished spotless Lamb Once again given in death to appease the Great I Am Hoc Est Corpus Meum*, the Blood flows down as wine But a taste for the human race to share the feast divine!


We place our crosses on the paten, Our blood, our flesh, our bone A most beautiful exchange, to take His Body for my own Then we hear the solemn words, “Ite Missa Est”, So ends the foretaste of our heavenly rest.


Ite Missa Est, Deo Gratia