I'm Ready
Artist: Joseph Gill
Lord, I’m willing and this time I’m ready My legs are trembling but Your grace is steady You give power to the frightened and Your strength to the weak You give grace and peace to all who seek They who wait on the Lord shall rise up strength On the wings of the eagle they shall run at length They will walk through the mountains and will not grow faint And the Lord shall be my ever-living strength.

Lord, You’ve put me in a battle I’m not strong enough to fight And I’ve seen might makes right in this life without light But though an army camp against me, no evil should I fear For Your rod and Your staff and Your grace is ever near But still with hope beyond all telling I can’t help but be afraid For You of all should know that it’s of dust that I have been made And though I want to give control of my soul to the One I seek, You know the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

The Lord is a warrior, Lord is His Name! He is strengthening my heart and I will never be the same And my foes never know that it’s the Lord Who’s got my back And they will stumble and fall when they make their attack So if this is my creed, then why have I trembled When I see the world in armor, for battle assembled Should be no fear, nowhere near, persevere to what’s true When I fall on my knees and cry, "Lord, I trust in You!"

So with courage at hand and the Lord at my side I will fight the good fight until the day that I die With holiness as my breastplate and faith as my shield And the Sword of the Spirit as the weapon that I wield. And though I fear of how weak and how fallen I can be, I gotta respect and reflect Your power made perfect in me. For You are God and I am not, how can I question Your ways And You have promised to be with us till the end of our days.