Between Two Worlds
Artist: Joseph Gill
track 06 – between two worlds (2 Peter 3:13)

one foot in heaven, one foot on the earth
I have the best pearl, yet I still search
God is my beloved, yet I find much to my shame
that I am still unfinished for a peace I cannot name.

‘cause I’m between two worlds but a citizen of none
I long for heaven but love this dust and sand,
I stand divided now, praying let Your will be done
but then I do my own, Lord reconcile this man.

I want to stay here, yet I want to leave
the joy that You promised is so hard to believe
all that I possess is nothing more than straw
yet my human frailty makes it hard to leave it all

to live in this world, but not to be a worldly man
to traverse across my country as in a strange and foreign land
to love but not to cling, to use but not to own
to dwell amongst my people but to never find my home