Our Hope Lies In You
Artist: A Beholden Songsculptor's Gift Of Song
Our Hope Lies in You

Words and Music by Marvin H. Lane (BMI) and Richard Melvin Brown (SOCAN)

Verse 1

We lift our voices to You oh Lord
For all that you blessed us with
We sing praises to you oh Christ
For you are where our hope is
Your love shines bright on us
Lighting our dreary paths
Your saving grace gives us the strength
To survive Satan' s wrath


Our hope lies in you
We glorify your name
Our hope lies in you
To earth from heaven you came
Our hope lies in you
We lift your name on high
Our hope lies in you
It is you that we glorify

Verse 2

We lift our hands up to the sky
To praise you Jesus Christ
We sing for joy for what you did
You gave and sacrificed
Your love has put an end to death
Our sins you did erase
You hold us in your arms oh Lord
Our souls you did embrace

Repeat Chorus twice

Copyright ©2006 Marvin H Lanehat’s where you’ll find


That the purpose of life is written in Love
It’s so simple why can’t we see
In our search to uncover the mystery
We can‘t see the forest for the trees
It’s an earthly illusion
In a virtual dream
The purpose of which seems unclear
But open your eyes it ain’t no surprise that love is the reason we’re here


Yes love is the reason we’re here

© 2012 Richard Melvin Brown

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