A New Song
Artist: Gord Lang
A new song fills my mouth today in praises to the King
An offering of thanksgiving now into His courts I bring
He tells me I'm accepted as I give it all to Him
And when I'm in His presence all the world around grows dim

I know whatever happens Lord, You won't give up on me
The promises You made are good for all eternity
And when I come up empty in my struggles to compete
Your approval is the only goal that I'll ever want to meet

My father didn't want me and my mother turned her head
Trying to deal with all the pain when hurtful words were said
But someone said You'd still love me no matter what I do
There are no disappointments in a life that's filled with You

My greatest dream will come to pass the day You say Well Done
When before the host of heaven You approve me as a son
And at Your throne in praise to You I'll sing a brand new song
I can revel in Your presence where I finally belong