Would I?
Artist: Gord Lang
It wasn't a good time to talk on the phone I wanted the world just to leave me alone
I'd suffered distractions for most of the day - so Lord don't let anything stand in my way
I wasn't prepared for the story she told - how old Mr. Brown spent the night in the cold
And wasn't there something that we could all do to give him a hope that is faithful and true

But if it was Jesus who needed my time
And lending a hand might cost more than a dime
Would I stop to listen and share in the pain
And help to bring comfort to Him once again

I often passed by on my way out of town - that ominous building of dubious renown
They'd once had a riot within it's stone walls and that's what concerned me when I got the call
A friend of a friend had a nephew in there and wasn't quite sure just how much I would care
But maybe a kind word and listening ear would help calm the anger and comfort the fear

Now if it was Jesus alone in that place
A stranger who I'd never met face-to-face
Would I look outside of my prejudiced mind
To show Him a love that is patient and kind
(love is patient and kind)

The light in her eyes grew progressively dim the word from the doctor seemed hopeless and grim
Her once-vibrant hair was now brittle and dry and just looking at her brought a tear to my eye
But most of the morning she spent all alone in a drug-induced stupor that caused her to moan
My plans for the day – could they be set aside for holding her hand as I sat there and cried

But if it was Jesus – the One laying there
So helpless to live but still needing the care
Would I take the time to be present each day
With nothing to do but to sit there and pray

Would I be like Jesus – the question remains
To care for those hungry, alone or in pain
Will I be found faithful or worthy of praise
When I face Him there at the end of my days
(Lord, will I be found faithful or worthy of praise
When I face You there at the end of my days)